Prescison Knives

Precision III Series knives are handcrafted out of unique Multimium® stainless steel, a high-carbon/high-chromium steel combined with other metals and chemicals to produce superior edge hardness and strength. Each blade represents the ultimate in stain- and rust-resistance. The 17-slot cutlery block is made of hand-rubbed red oak and is the ultimate in protective storage for your knives

Precision III Series 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set
Santoku Knife, Filet Knife, Paring Knife, Ham & Bread Knife and Chef’s Knife


Precision III Series 4-Piece Carving Set
Carving Knife, Sharpening Tool, Shears and Carving Fork..

Precision III Cutlery Set
Knife Block sold separately.

Precision III Series 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

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